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Knapps Lawyers Joe Sims

Believe it or not, Joe is the second ex-policeman to have made it onto our payroll – now this is not a statistic that may make the Guiness Book of Records – but one that is certainly interesting for us and one that brings a lot of additional and possibly handy skills to his position as General Manager!!!

Joe was a police officer for 7 years before the world of business lured him away. After completing a Bachelor of Business Studies in 2011, Joe moved to Blenheim where he ultimately secured a GM role in an accounting firm. Joe has a strong connection with Nelson having grown up here, gone to school here and then completed the final qualification for being considered a Nelsonian – married a girl from Motueka!

Joe joined us in January 2020 and after two months on the job was thrust head, torso and feet into the COVID-19 pandemic. The skills learnt in his previous positions certainly helped us respond to the crisis with minimal impact – in particular Joe’s IT skills which make him perilously close to being described as an IT geek. In his role as GM, he happily assumes responsibility for IT but also overseas the HR, Operations, Finance and Marketing functions.

In his spare time Joe is kept busy with his family and has a keen interest in politics, surf lifesaving and has been an active supporter of the Tasman Mako since they were formed.

To get in touch with Joe Sims


22 Oxford Street, Richmond, Nelson
New Zealand

+64 3 544 4617


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