Fixed Fees

We have fixed fees for the following services. Please note the following fees are for our time only and do not include government charges which we pay on your behalf (e.g. searches, registration etc).

All prices include GST and our office expenses charge.




No Mortgage$1210.00No Mortgage$1,410.00
Discharge of One Mortgage$1310.00One Mortgage$1,610.00
Discharge of Two Mortgages$1,460.00
(There is an additional fee of $150.00 if any purchase involves Family Trust or company being the purchaser or if a guarantee is involved.)
Refinance (Discharge plus Mortgage)$1060.00
Variation of mortgage$600.00



Single Person$275.00Couple$350.00
Life Interest Will$450.00Life Interest Will – 2nd Relationship$500.00

Enduring Power of Attorney

Property$220.00Personal Care & Welfare$220.00
* The fixed prices for EPOAs above include two exceptions:
Independent Advice: In some circumstances you may be required to obtain independent advice.
Mental Capacity: if there is a doubt that the person giving the power of attorney has impaired mental capacity extra work will be required involving that person’s doctor.
We will confirm whether these exceptions will apply to you at the time of your appointment.

Family Trust

Transferring Property into Trust with no Mortgage$2,860.00Transferring Property into Trust with a Mortgage$3,160.00
No Assets$2,060.00
Annual Trust Review$550.00

Non-Fixed Fees

For services not listed in the above table, we will provide you with a fixed fee once we have your instructions and scoped the file. There will be a small number of files where we can’t give a fixed fee but in these cases, an estimate will be provided and/or a fixed fee for each significant stage of the file.