Shelley Conlon

Shelley Conlon(Richmond)

Registered Legal Executive

Estates Team

Shelley joined Knapps in February 2019 and we liken her to a younger, female version of our “Mervyn.”  What Shelley doesn’t know about estates could be printed on a pin head!  This experience has been gained through a lifelong career in legal firms – starting way back in Invercargill and yes, you will pick up  the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

Moving to Nelson in 1999, Shelley worked for a local firm for 12 years before having a break to have her children and to be with them at home while young.  Like Jo, the lure of getting back to estate work and what she loves proved too strong and we were in the right place at the right time with the right job and the right hours.   A winning combination! 

What keeps Shelley so passionate about estates work is that every file represents someone’s family.  With this in mind, she is determined to handle the estate in the most proactive and efficient way to minimise any unnecessary stress for the family.

Shelley’s life outside of Knapps is very much centred around her two children and their activities and spending time together as a family.  Also vying for her attention are two cats – a chocolate Burmese called Tico and a Bengal called Isa.  Living on a small lifestyle property she shares with her husband, she is kept pretty busy but on the odd chance she gets some time for herself, you will find Shelley card making, flower arranging or working on other crafts.