Mervyn Huston

Mervyn Huston(Richmond)


Estates Team

This man has always been interested in sport and has enjoyed playing golf for about as long as he has worked for Knapps! Merv picked up his first golf club in 1966 and has been a regular player ever since – so much so that he lives in spitting distance of the Nelson Golf Club! And his employment with Knapps – try 40 years in June 2013.

Merv is an inspiration and family favourite at Knapps and not many would doubt his reputation and knowledge in the area of estate law and wills. He has built up an incredible client base over this time dealing with 2nd & 3rd generation of families. In recognition of his service to Knapps, he was made an Associate in 2006.

Merv gains a deep sense of satisfaction from helping people through what is often a difficult time in their lives. He puts a very human face on estate law and quite honestly, is a bit of a legend!