Jo McNabb

Jo McNabb(Richmond)

Senior Estates Clerk

Estates Team

Jo is Chief Mate of the launch “Enchanta” and when it is raining or she needs money for diesel, you’ll find her sitting at her desk doing estates work to pay for her pastime!  Alternatively you can find her playing with her little dog, Minnie – a cavapoochon, or drinking great local wines and putting her feet up with a good book.

Jo has spent most of her legal working life in the area of estates.  She joined us in 2013 as the Estates Manager retiring 2 years later.  Unfortunately the lure of Knapps proved too strong and we got her back in various roles for the next 5 years.  Now she has gone full circle and is back with our new look Estates team headed up by partner Amanda Crehan.   

Jo still very much cares about helping clients who have lost a loved one and brings 30 years of estate administration experience to guide them through this difficult time.  She finds it very rewarding to help people through this time.   She is also relishing being back as part of a team with 92 years of experience all up.  Jo is a member of the Executor & Trustee Institute of Australia.