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Property Sharing Agreements

With the ever-changing world, and skyrocketing prices of housing, more and more people in New Zealand/Aotearoa are looking to purchase property outside of the traditional sole purchaser or spousal arrangement. In these situations, it’s important to ensure you have sound…

Property Briefs – Buying a house – are you covered?

If you’re buying a house, you will of course need insurance cover for your new property, and your lender will require it. Here we pinpoint some specific items that some purchasers overlook and, if checked, could avoid later expense: Look…

Know your rights and obligations

Many episodes of Neighbours at War told of disputes regarding shared driveways. Whether you currently own a property or  you’re in the market to buy a property with a shared driveway, it pays to know your rights and obligations to ensure you and your neighbour won’t…

Notice of Upcoming Law Change – Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

There is currently a Bill before Parliament which will amend the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 to require smoke alarms and insulation in residential rental properties along with other tenancy improvements.  Included is the right of the Chief Executive to investigate…


From 1st October 2015 the Land Registry will be collecting information on certain land transactions (including a sale and purchase) and will pass this information onto the Inland Revenue. The IRD will then apply a “bright-line” test, which may result…

Resource Consents for Renovations

If you are looking at renovating your house, you should be aware that a building consent may be needed for more work than you think.  Replacing your bathroom with 'like for like' is not as simple as that as many…

Helping your Children into their First Home

It is clear that a trend is emerging for the older generation to help the younger generation to buy their first homes.  If you are going to provide some financial assistance to your children it's important to clarify at the…

Satisfying Conditions in Agreement for Sale and Purchase

The Kiwi attitude of 'She'll be right' is not enough to satisfy conditions under an Agreement for Sale and Purchase as discovered in a recent High Court decision (Kerr v Lee 2014).  Property owners need to understand that if an…


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