Every law firm – including us – will naturally claim to have talented staff, years of experience and to provide good service. But what really makes one stand out from another?

Here’s how we do it …


Our firm has been structured in a way that our legal people practice in set areas of the law. Just like you wouldn’t want a dermatologist carrying out heart surgery, our people do not dabble in areas outside their specialities.  So when dealing with someone from our firm, you can be assured of getting a true specialist.

Our People

Our firm culture is relaxed, down to earth and informal.  Consequently we tend to attract  and recruit like minded individuals to work for us which instantly makes for a very friendly environment.  On top of this, our people genuinely care about their clients and take their responsibility to provide timely and accurate legal advice very seriously.

Regional Presence

Knapps Lawyers merged with local firms Hunter Ralfe and Kennedy & Associates in 2013. Not only has the merger increased the resources of the firm, it has given us a truly regional focus with offices in Nelson, Richmond and Motueka.

Knapps, Richmond


We have a policy of fixed fees.  We have stepped away from the traditional method of billing by the hour in order to provide you with more price certainty and to reverse the risk of that uncertainty back on to us.

Some services can be fixed in advance but the majority will involve us taking your instructions, scoping the job and then giving you a fixed fee. There are a small number of exclusions to this policy but in these cases we will provide an estimate.

Double Deals

We have a number of services which when done in conjunction with another service, can be offered to you for a special price.